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Landscaping Lincolnton NC

About Us

Carolina Turf Pros, LLC is owned and operated by Rob Hawkins. Rob grew up in Lincolnton, NC and has studied Turfgrass Management and Horticulture at Catawba Valley Community College and has completed further Turfgrass studies at North Carolina State University.

We understand the science of soil and plants.

We have fifteen years of experience growing beautiful and healthy lawns and landscapes in Carolina red clay soils. Clay soils are loaded with macro and micro nutrients that can be released from the soil with proper pH correction so lawns and landscapes can thrive with less fertilization and pesticides.

Before we begin any services on your property we pull several soil samples and have them analyzed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture so we know exactly how to get the best lawn out of your soil conditions. More samples are pulled and analyzed periodically so we know the soil conditions. We can make changes to keep your soil conditions working properly and effectively.

We rely heavily on cultural controls to prevent weeds and diseases on your property and only use pesticides as a last resort. We are proud to be a “Bee Friendly” company and strive to protect our bee and butterfly populations. We encourage the use of pollinator plants to help pollinating insects thrive and grow in numbers. We remain active with the North Carolina Beekeepers Association and attend seminars on maintaining the well-being of our local bee populations.

We also regularly attend seminars offered by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and North Carolina State University so we are up to date on new products and services as well as adverse conditions caused by weather, diseases and pests in our area. This keeps us prepared to properly deal with these sometimes unexpected issues.

Carolina Turf Pros, LLC wants to help you have a beautiful and healthy lawn all year round! Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

Landscaping Lincolnton NC

Mission Statement

At Carolina Turf Pros, we are committed to the highest customer service standards and product reliability due to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We give all the honor and glory back to the One who is fully responsible. If you have any questions or comments about this mission statement, please feel free to contact us.

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