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Please Note:  These services are only offered to customers who use our year-long lawn maintenance program.

Landscape Concepts and Designs. We Only Buy Plants From The Best Nurseries.

Mulch and Pine Needle Application
We only use hot composted mulch that is free from damaging pathogens. Our pine needle mulch is the highest quality available that has been carefully sifted so unwanted seeds and foreign plant matter are removed.

Ground Cover Plants
We can design and install low growing plants to create a terraced look to your landscape. Ground cover plants can also be used on hillsides where lawns are difficult to grow or where erosion is a problem.

Shrubs and Hedges
Shrubs and hedges create a pleasant landscape that accents your home and natural areas. Hedges can be used for privacy, wind reduction as well as shading. We only buy the highest quality plants that have been cultivated to prevent disease and that provide rich beautiful color.

Annual and Perennial Plants and Flowers for Year Round Color
Beautiful colors can be maintained year round by planting the correct perennial and annual flowers and shrubbery. We can help you decide on which colors you would like to see in your ornamental beds and when you would like them to bloom throughout the year. Winter annuals present colorful life during the dormant cold season.

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