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Soil Analysis
The first step in growing a great lawn and landscape is knowing what is and isn’t in the soil. We never guess at this. A soil sample will be taken and sent to the laboratory at the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. This analysis will be used to get the most out of our nutrient-rich clay soil. The soil analysis will also tell us exactly how much nutrients and minerals we need to supplement as well as how often to apply them.

Proper Lime and Fertilization
Clay soils are rich in macro and micro nutrients like Manganese, Iron, Sulfur and Phosphorous. However, they are bound up in the soil because of low pH levels. Calcitic and dolomitic lime will be applied in proper amounts to correct pH and unbind desirable elements in the soil. Proper feeding with organic and synthetic fertilizer at the correct time will ensure healthy plant life with rich color that is resistant to disease and pests.

Weed Control
Weeds in your lawn and plant beds can distract from the beauty of a great landscape. Weeds are inevitable and must be controlled. The first line of defense is cultural controls. Cutting your grass at a height of four inches will shade weeds and control their growth. Mulch around trees and flower beds will choke out weeds and give a sharp contrast to ornamental plants. Cultural controls also greatly reduce the need for pesticides. We only use pesticides as a last resort.

Insect and Disease Prevention
Hot and humid southern days make for a pleasing environment for grubs and Brown Patch disease. It is much more cost effective to prevent these conditions than to treat them after an outbreak. Preventive fungicide applications and root zone examination will greatly reduce the chance of these pests becoming a problem.

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